Sports Law​

Tufekci Law Firm’s Sports Law practice includes representation of amateur and professional clubs and athletes in the formation and negotiation of professional employment contracts and other revenue-generating contracts such as sponsorship, advertising, and licensing contracts as well as the handling of off-the-field business investments, acquisitions, and taxation matters in relation to professional athlete transfers. The Firm also handles the representation of professional sports franchises and sports stadiums and arenas.

The services provided to the athletes and clubs extend to the provision of legal advice and compliance with relevant laws governing intellectual property rights such as logos and trademarks; and representation of amateur and professional athletes and clubs before ethics, disciplinary or arbitration boards of relevant sports federations, from first instance boards to CAS level.

Our Managing Partner Mr. Mehmet Hakan Tufekci has a well-established practice in anti-doping violation disputes in the domestic and international areas.  The Firm handles cases before FIFA DRC/PSC, Ethics/Disciplinary/Club Licensing Committees, and the Arbitration Board of the Turkish Football Federation, as well as CAS.

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