Insolvency and Restructuring

Tüfekçi Law Firm assists its clients in disputes arising from restructuring and insolvency situations, concordatum, whether contesting court decisions issued in insolvency proceedings or advising on the risk of liability being incurred by directors and other stakeholders .

Tüfekçi Law Firm regularly advises on the restructuring and reorganisation, closure and restructuring, cancellation of trusteeship, administrative liquidation and insolvency of domestic enterprises, particularly on behalf of companies.
Tufekci Law Firm accumulated extensive experience in insolvency, reconciliation, restructuring, debt restructuring, administration of liquidations and related business areas with its advises on rescue or restructuring initiatives before formal procedures are initiated, and much of our work is cross-border or international in scope.

Our Expertise

- Formal insolvency proceedings
- Financial restructuring, including emergency new money solutions in distressed situations
- Out-of-court work-outs
- Distressed acquisitions or disposals, carve-outs of distressed businesses
- Directors’ duties
- Restructuring and insolvency litigation
- Asset tracing and fraud investigations
- Applying for bankruptcy to relevant courts under entrustment of the debtor and creditor
- Representing debtors in claims and exercising debtor’s rights in bankruptcy
- Representing other bankruptcy-related parties (including, but not limited to, co-benefit obligees, corporate staff, and other individuals or organizations) in exercising debtor’s rights in bankruptcy
- Acting as bankruptcy administrator designated by the court to exercise its rights
- Acting as lawyers for the bankruptcy administrator and members of the liquidation team
- Assisting enterprises in perfecting corporate systems and governance during reconciliation and reorganization
- Representing clients in litigation and/or arbitration during bankruptcy
- Applying the concordatum and conducting the concordatum process

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