Employment / Labour Law

Tufekci Law Firm’s employmen/labour law focuses on employment counselling and complex employment litigation for clients in Tufekci Law Firm’s core sectors of focus, with specific expertise in shipping, shipbuilding, insurance and construction.
We are a well established litigation practice in employment law as well as do advice on the non-contentious of employment law, too.
In respect of marine labour law side, we have a long-standing tradition of arrest of ships and recovery for unpaid wages/benefits, death and injury claims. We do also provide Professional services to non-Turkish citizens for obtaining work permits.

Tufekci Law Firms delivers multi-disciplinary support to maritime clients throughout Turkey. Long-standing relationships with leading global law firms in this sector allow us to provide clients with seamless support and global legal strategy on multi jurisdictional legall issues.

Our Expertise

- Drafting/Revieving employment contarcts and giving necessary legal advice
- Litigation on employment law related claims
- Work Permit applications and advisory services for non-Turkish citizens
- Arresting vessel for seamen in relation to unpaid wage/benefit, injury & death claims

Our Experience in Employment

-Advising in the United Kingdom and the United States and effecting a US$100 million recovery in respect of the permanent impact on a company’s share price as the result of a large team move.
- Advising companies and individuals on regulatory investigations in multiple jurisdictions in respect of market manipulation issues, including FX and LIBOR.
- Advising a financial services company in relation to defending a substantial team move and successfully securing one of the widest injunctions ever granted.
- Representing insurance brokers on injunction proceedings preventing misuse of confidential information and poaching of clients.
- Successfully representing a large broking house in litigation enforcing a seven figure liquidated damages clause on the no show of a rainmaking broker recruited from a competitor – the leading case on the enforcement of liquidated damages clauses in employment contracts.
- Advising a wealth management company on a successful injunction application preventing a former financial adviser from poaching clients for a competitor.
- Representing the former high profile chief executive officer of a luxury car manufacturer on a high value contract dispute.
- Successfully representing three brokers in a multi-million pound conspiracy, misuse of confidential information and restrictive covenant dispute

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