Dispute Resolution

Tufekci law firm is willing to provide a series of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) proceedings, like pre-trial settlement, including litigation, arbitration, dispute negotiation and resolution. We are skilled in representing domestic and foreign enterprises in resolving various disputes, therefore we can help clients with an early advice in confidence which can lead to the avoidance of costly litigation to strive the maximum interests under Turkish legal system.

Tüfekçi Law Firm have specialist dispute resolution teams in all of our offices, regularly handling high-value, complex, multi-party, multi-jurisdictional disputes. Our expertise spans a wide range of sectors and industries, from maritime and transportation law, through to insurance and commodities as well as energy (especially bunkering).

Our Expertise

- International corporate and commercial disputes
- Employment law disputes
- Transportation disputes and maritime disputes
- Insurance & Reinsurance disputes
- Banking and Financial services litigation
- Energy disputes (especially bunkering)
- International commercial arbitration
- Insolvency&Restructuring
- Tax disputes
- Enforcement of Foreign Arbitration Awards and Court Judgement
- Disputes among company (including foreign invested enterprises) shareholders
- Large-scale trade financing disputes among enterprises
- Disputes related to bills and Letter of Credits
- State compensation and administrative proceedings
- Criminal proceedings in the economic area
- Disputes over investment, equity, or disputes between shareholders
- Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Court Judgements under Turkish Law
- Variety of contractual disputes, such as trading contract, franchising contract, loan contract, employment contract etc.

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